I provide tele-therapy, which is exclusively online video sessions.

I offer a variety of ways to do this that are simple to use. I am covered by: BC/BS, Regence, Moda, Moda, Pacific Source, and Kaiser First Choice-Added Choice. I offer a 20-minute free consultation. I am here to support you.



Children - Teens - Parents - Adults Adoptees

Difficulties related to adoption are less socially recognized and can be more profound when left unresolved. Whether children or adults, even when parented by the most committed, loving and sincere parents, those who have had the experience of being adopted and losing connection with birth parents can find themselves more vulnerable to depression, anxiety and social isolation. Adoptees often experience increased difficulties in bonding effectively with caregivers and in their adult relationships.

Grief is a natural response to loss and when not adequately expressed or integrated can sabotage the best intentions and actions of loving parents and partners. The unique circumstances of adoption whether an open or closed adoption can present a unique set of challenges not always recognized as being related to the adoption experience. Adoptees will often choose rebellion, withdrawal or over achieving as methods of relating and coping. Child and adult adoptees can often find the creation of a clear identity challenging.

As an adult adoptee who experienced the divorce and remarriages of both my parents, and later married and step parented two children into adulthood I understand from both a personal and professional perspective that loss of a biological parent can run deep into the core of who we think we are, so much so that it can inhibit a realistic and positive sense of self. Through my own personal journey, my academic training and clinical experience I believe strongly in the premise and the promise that the potential for growth and positive change is available to anyone. We, along with our children can overcome early loss, form secure attachment, and thrive in the present to create a new future for our loved ones and ourselves.

I offer a variety of services to meet the needs of children ages five and older, teens, and adults. My style is individualized in an environment that is empathetic, supportive and strengths based.  I include a blend of conventional and alternative approaches, drawing upon a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what would be most helpful for each client.


Evening appointments available.
I offer a free 20-minute free consultation by phone.

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